Jim Kurz passed away in mid-November 2012. He had been diagnosed with cancer in May.

Jim and his wife Linda were together for 60 years. They went together for three years while at Fullerton High School, were married in 1955 and celebrated their 57th anniversary in September. Jim began working early, at 7, collecting bottles from his neighborhood.

He worked at Knott’s Berry Farm in the print shop. Disneyland then came calling and he was with them for approximately 25 years. He created the printshop there, and over the years started a number of concessions there in the Magic Shop and Frontierland. During the time, he mentored many teens and young adults — including Steve Martin — leaving Disneyland in 1967. Meanwhile, Linda worked her way up in the ABC Unified School District from aide to assistant to the district superintendent.

Always entrepreneurs, he and Linda ended up in Idyllwild for 14 years where they owned and operated a gift shop, Timber Ridge, with a variety of collectibles. Jim had been a very accomplished golfer with an 8 handicap. He became disenchanted with it because of the extreme behavior of some fellow golfers.

His great love was fishing because “you never have a bad day fishing.” He enjoyed the calmness, watching the clouds, identifying duck calls, etc. — just relaxing. He fished at Lake Hemet, catching and releasing. Another of his interests was gadgets; he had an avid interest and knowledge of weather, with four weather stations at his house.

He is survived by his wife Linda; daughters Gretchen of Yorba Linda, Karen of Fullerton; son-in-law Craig; and grandchildren Hannah and Grant.

The Kurzes loved Idyllwild, making many friends and acquaintances. Linda Kurz currently lives at 2230 Lake Park Dr., #26, San Jacinto, CA 92583. (951) 313-2857.