Benevolence should only be given to the point a community can match and sustain its benefit. To do otherwise places unreasonable expectations on the outcomes and their users.

I applaud the Butterfields for their contribution, yet I question their wisdom.

I abhor the Idyllwild Community Center committee’s decision to make this the only contribution in substance unless their motive is driven by other means such as a profit.

What can truly be expected from 700 playground builders/users, Idyllwild residents and property owners? Certainly no matching or meaningful monetary cornerstone contributions.

What a mistake; hence the problem with the majority of Idyllwild’s nonprofits and their users.

Treat benevolence as an entitlement and you get the same outcome when government is viewed as a two-class society — those who use and those who refuse to do so.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove

Editor’s note: The implication that David and Lois Butterfield are the only financial donors for the Idyllwild Community Center is mistaken. The ICC committee has raised money, as stated last week, nearly $375,000 from several different individuals.