Me thinks the ladies and gentlemen of the IFPD doth protest too much.

Perhaps there was much truth in what Dr. Schelly wrote in the May 23 “Letter to the editor,” since there was such a strong reaction from the [Idyllwild Fire Protection District] firefighters’ commission.

Dr. Schelly felt strongly about what he saw and what needed addressing.

Whistle blowers often do get fired.

Inge Austerman


  1. Just so people know. In the contract Riverside County Fire is doing for the City of Moreno Valley for the year 2013.
    1. Capt Medic pay is 184,768
    2. Capt pay is 166,844
    3. Eng/Medic pay is 169,698
    4. Eng pay is 142,898
    This is for the contract on line.
    I think we are getting a real good deal with our dept.