Letters to the editor are one way to blow off steam, if it’s not too potent to print.

So sure, I didn’t have my seat belt on and I got a ticket. But what about the guy behind me who was speeding through the school zone and tailgating?

I mean, there has to be a priority. Who’s the greater danger to other drivers? My not having a seat belt on endangers no one but me, and if you want to play “Big Brother,” “It’s for your own good,” you’ll be giving tickets to people who smoke because they are more likely to harm themselves than the guy without a seat belt.

I pride myself on not speeding or tailgating in town because that is the safe, polite and competent thing to do. Am I a safe driver? How about 3 million miles and no car accidents?

What would you think of a policeman who wrote up a jaywalking ticket and ignored a bank robbery in progress? I figure 100 people speed through the school zone every day. So does it make sense to stalk seat belt violations instead of speeders? I don’t think so.

Now I feel better. I appreciate you listening.

Eric Townsend