On a brighter note, I would like to share some valuable input on the Idyllwild Fire Department and Pine Cove Fire. Let’s not forget about the men and women who became career firefighters and EMS personnel. They protect your community, saving lives, while they put their lives on the line.

I had a great opportunity knowing and working with the best — during 1997-2003 for Station 621 and from 2009-2011 for Station 23.

These very important mentors should be recognized: Fire chiefs Tim Gustafson, Mike Norris and Norm Walker; firefighters Jimmy Reyes, Jack Peckham, Mike Mulhall, Alan Lott, Mike Yount, Bill Caldon, Steve Friemoth, Larry Donahoo, Keith Smith, Jeff Scoggins, Jim Manietta, Jim Rizor, Bruce Moreland, Rick McKinley, Steve Keppler, Chip Schelly, Henry Negrete, Bobby Baker, Mark Spehar, Paul Miglin, Dennise Sergent, Wayne Clark, Bobby Clark, Lee Sorenson, Jon Hedman, Tony White, Jeff Finner, Lisa Verbanic, Anne [last name not given], Terry [last name not given], Kathleen Garver, Fire Chaplain Clem [last name not given] and let’s not forget about firefighter Scott Carlson, who had such a compassion for stations 621 and 23.

We also should recognize their families who stood by them as they were called to duty and honor. The cost of devotion? Priceless.


Jennifer L. Adams
Salida, Colorado