The Local Review Board for the Idyllwild Historic Preservation District toured the District before its September meeting. Guiding the board were Keith Herron, the County’s Historic Preservation Officer, and Casey Tibbet, a consultant with LSA consultants, who conducted the originally historic resource survey of Idyllwild.

They felt it was very beneficial, according to Board member Nancy Borchers.

“It was helpful to see individual buildings and imagine various permit applications,” said Herron. “When a permit is presented, you will have to look at each building and each element.”

Last month, the Board had affirmed the draft permit, which the Riverside County Planning Department developed. However, the County Board of Supervisors must approve the entire process, including the proposed fees, and that package is not ready for the supervisors’ action Herron added.

He anticipates that Planning may submit it within the next six to eight weeks. Until that process is approved, the Historic Board’s next meeting will be deferred, according to Board President Warren Monroe.

Before the meeting ended, Herron announced that he had received an email from Director Christina Stewart, who intended to resign from the Board effective Sept. 25.

However, he does not have confirmation that 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone’s office has been notified officially; consequently the replacement process has not yet begun.