Editor’s note: As part of the Common Core standards being taught at Idyllwild School, teacher George Companiott had his eighth-grade students write letters to the editor. Over the next few weeks, Town Crier will print a few of these.


Idyllwild lacks recreational activities for youth to participate in. I think that 13- to 17-year-olds have nothing to do in town. The eighth-grade class of Idyllwild School made a survey to give to the community to find out what the youth needs are. In the Town Crier newspaper from Sept. 18, 2013, there was an article about the new recreational center being built. “Phase 2 is the recreational center, essentially a gymnasium available for sports and indoor events such as concerts.”

Our survey has many questions that had to do with the lack of sports events and community facilities available to young people.

The eighth-grade class survey was given to community members of all ages to assess the needs of the youth in Idyllwild. Overall, about 130 surveys were given out.

One example of a question on our survey is, “What days of the week would be best for participating in youth activities?” Eighty percent of people said Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More than 50 percent of people said that visual art programs for youth are lacking in the community. Seventy-five percent of people in Idyllwild said they sometimes attend youth activities in Idyllwild.

Ten out of 11 people think that the youth should volunteer in the community. I have learned that a majority of people would participate in more youth activities in the Idyllwild community and that more youth volunteerism is wanted.

Youth are lacking things to do in Idyllwild. Our survey questions addressed this problem in the community. The new community center is the perfect solution to our program. The Idyllwild Community Fund Youth Grant Makers could possibly accept grant proposals to help organize activities for youth that could be held in the new community center.

Without things to do at the new community center, I think it will be kind of pointless to have it. Making youth aware of the new center’s activities will help get them involved in the community. I really think that the community center is going to be the perfect place for teens to hang out, but without fun things to do, the teens won’t go.

Evan Biley
Idyllwild Middle School