A recent letter to the editor expressed a desire to make the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony more child-friendly.  I completely agree, but it could also be made more adult-friendly as well.

Don’t misinterpret my suggestions, please. I believe the tree lighting is one of the highlights of the year in Idyllwild and I would not miss it. Kudos to all who work so diligently to make it happen.

However, I think the event could be shortened considerably and still be just as wonderful. Standing in the cold for more than an hour is a long time for a child or adult.

Perhaps retain all of the performers, but just have them do one number not several? Have a kid zone in the front where they could observe without having to stand in a sea of tall adults. Perhaps have an area of reserved chairs for older adults in the front as well?

I have been involved in theater all my life and I have been responsible for staging numerous outdoor events, so I understand the problems faced by a technical crew, but the quality of the sound this year really made it challenging to listen to and to understand the performers.

Maybe some tweaking is in order for next year. Please take my comments as constructive criticism. I love the Tree Lighting, it is a treasure in our community.

Daniel Bissler