We live in perilous but predicted times. As the affairs around us grow darker, in unbelievable speed, we, as Judeo Christians, are supposed to grow brighter. There has never been a more important time since the foundation of our great country for Christians to stand up to protect our Christian values.

Our values are being stripped while we shake our heads in disbelief, talk about the injustice and do nothing.

Did you know that in the last presidential election, 25 million registered voters failed to vote? Where were you? Those votes would have made a big difference in the outcome. Every vote does count. Go to the polls and vote your faith because our faith matters.

There is so much attack on our Christian beliefs. What is wrong with the following pictures? Our children are not permitted to start their school day in prayer, our teachers are not allowed to keep a Bible on their desks, while non-gender bathrooms are installed and foot-washing facilities are installed in the schools.

Military chaplains are instructed not to use the name of Jesus in their services or at military funerals or face discharge. Servicemen and women are not permitted to talk to other active military about Jesus or carry a Bible on their person while in uniform.

We have come a long way from when the Holy Bible was the schools’ primary reader or the Holy Bible was issued as part of the military gear to our servicemen and women.

I write all this to try to stir up a desire to use your voice at the polls. It is a God-given right — use it wisely. Pray for your part of participation. The future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.

There is no perfect candidate for they are mere humans. Our choice of candidates may look dismal when we forget that our Almighty God is in control. God bless America.

Retired Navy Chief 

Frank A. Thompson Jr. and Harriet Thompson


  1. What about the growing number of Americans who do not believe in Jesus or that God is in control? What about the millions of Hindus, Muslims, Taoists, Buddhists and agnostics in our country? The United States was not founded as a Christian nation. There is no mention of Jesus in the Constitution or in any of the laws and documents written by our elected representatives. What the Christian community is seeing is the demographic decline of the patriarchal, intolerant status quo. They simply don’t have the numbers anymore. Those “25 million voters” are not all Christians. In fact, taking current trends into account, I would think the majority of them are not religious at all. Christians are free to practice their faith and adhere to their creeds, but they cannot enforce the Ten Commandments on other people. The absence of organized religion from the organization of our government was the plan from the beginning. If we were to remove the separation of Church and State, we would in effect be establishing a theocracy, not a democracy, and following the lead of Iran, Saudi Arabia and ISIS. It’s a new millennium with more intimate and complex relationships with cultures around the world. Retreating into old traditions and medieval morality is not the American way. We are a nation of explorers, innovators and leaders. The world looks to us to be a uniting force, an example of multiculturalism and inclusive tolerance. Christianity, for all its beauty and wisdom, is not a tolerant institution. In this new century, we are free from the myopic worldview of a book written two to three thousand years ago, when human beings thought the world was flat and they were the center of the universe. We have grown up as a species and have the intelligence, creativity and courage to embrace more of life than what the Bible suggests.