Town Hall Sports Coordinator Richard Mozeleski gave this report on adult softball:

Adult co-ed softball is up and running in Idyllwild. Last year’s champ, Creekstone Inn, is repeating its slow start of last season but is showing it will be a force to be reckoned with.

This season, two new teams are on board with Ridgeline Roofing and Idyllwild Arts sponsoring. This good fortune has expanded the league to 14 games each for all teams compared to the 10 of last year. It will also provide for two divisions of playoffs to bring a full and, hopefully, satisfying season for all, and allowing the younger teams to further develop and mature to strengthen the league into future years.

Anyway, Ajax, Forest Lumber and Pacific Slope are off to good starts and getting in control of their own destinies, but others are taking note of mistakes and adjusting, which will make next week’s report interesting.

Also, sports leagues up here will continue to expand with, hopefully, the addition of adult soccer and adult three-on-three basketball to run during current soccer and basketball youth seasons. Stay tuned.

Standings (July 10-19)


Ajax 3-0

Forest Lumber 3-0

Pacific Slope 2-0

Idyllwild Arts 1-1

Creekstone Inn 1-2

Ridgeline Roofing 0-1

Perez 0-3

Higher Grounds 0-3