During Thursday’s age 6 to 8 soccer game, Kryptonite goalie Preston Pino blocks one of the Dragon Slayers’ goal attempts. Dragon Slayers eventually won 2 to 0. Photo by Careena Chase

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth Soccer, which began its season the week of Sept. 17.

Jayden Fogle excitedly brings the ball down field for the Wolves in the opening soccer game against the Bobcats in the 4 & 5 year old division. The Bobcats won 2 to 1. Photo by Careena Chase

5 and Under League
The opening game was between the Idyllwild Professional Cleaning Service Ninja Strikers and the Rotary Raging Rivers. The Ninja Strikers Eduardo Lopez was kicking the ball all over the field and played great for his team. The Raging Rivers’ Finneas Carpenter played great defense and was awesome for his team. He earned player of the game for his team.


The other game was between the Arriba’s Bobcats and the American Legion Wolves. The Wolves’ Easton Pramuka was aggressive all game long getting the ball down the field and Jayden Fogle scored a goal for the Wolves. The Bobcats’ Macino Reynosa played outstanding kicking the ball all over the field.

Melei Stroud, of the Wolves, kicks the ball back into play during the game against the Bobcats. Photo by Careena Chase

8 and Under League
The opening game was between the Sacco Dining Idyl Beasts and the Cafe Aroma Blizzards. In the second half, Layton Teeguarden, of the the Idyl Beasts, scored his second goal which gave his team the lead. The game went back and forth all game as the Blizzards’ Johnny Fuentes scored three goals, including the game winner with about 5 minutes left in the game. The Blizzards won 3-2.


The second game was between the Pino Tree Service Kryptonite and the Dragon Slayers. The game was low scoring as both teams played solid defense all game. Cody Fogle got the first goal of the game late in the second half to give the Dragon Slayers the lead. Joel White played great in goal for the Kryptonite stopping a bunch of shots. The Dragon Slayers tacked on another goal in the second half as Haide Chavez scored a great goal and the Dragon Slayers went on to win 2-0.

Breanna Sheppard, Blizzard, kicking the ball into play at Thurs. nights opening soccer game between the Blizzards and the Idyllbeasts at Idyllwild School. The Blizzards won 3 to 2.

11 and Under League
The first 11U game matched the Roby Gray Construction Falcons and the Ninjas, who got off to a Fquick start as Jeramiah Whitney scored an early goal. The Falcons’ Josh Gray scored a goal to tie the game in the first half. The Falcons’ Aly Fogle and the Ninjas’ Toby Posey great goal kept the game close. Eventually the Falcons scored the go ahead goal with about 4 minutes to play and won the close game 3-2.


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