Why should Pine Cove homeowners and water-rate payers continue to subsidize the activities of Mile High Radio Club, a private club not generally accessible to Pine Cove homeowners (speaking as a former MHRC board member), and MDP/IFPD?

It’s time MHRC paid their fair share. Repeater/antenna access, building infrastructure, security, surveillance, electrics and communications fees should be billed at $1,400 to $2,500 per month each.

Pine Cove Property Owners Association also has graciously given 10s of thousands of dollars to these organizations. I don’t see a responsible net benefit returned to Pine Cove residents, let alone gratitude from these organizations other than lip service, biased conduct and a continued depletion of Pine Cove homeowner and water district dollars.

As for the disaster aid station unit contents, a year’s antenna/repeater access fees or PCPOA donations would more than cover meager DAS content replacement costs at least 10 times over.

As for community emergency response team training, Riverside County offers a superior certification to all mountain residents.

I’m about organized, secure, disaster preparedness activities upon this mountain and more specifically within Pine Cove. However, welfare subsidies at Pine

Cove homeowner and water-rate payers’ expense with biased/limited/minimal return have no part in it. An expression of gratitude only fits when your’e not being ripped off.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove