Dr Know It All can answer any of your questions. He just happens to know everything.  Dr Know It All selects a few letters from readers to answer each week. Readers should feel free to mail the doctor a question at the Town Crier ([email protected]). The doctor remains anonymous.


Dear Dr Know It All:

Why are you writing this column? Seems kind of egoistic.



It’s not ego. It’s a health issue. I constantly need to reduce pressure in my brain caused by the knowledge cells crammed to the max in my skull. Every question answered is a relief, I can tell you.  Next?


Dear Dr Know It All:

Why are my kids and my folks driving me nuts?



A friend once said to me, “We are the ‘pearls’ in our children’s and in our parents’ shell of life. At the core, irritants.”

Also, “What goes around comes around.”


Dear Dr Know It All:

I was envious of all the people who got up to dance at the Summer Concerts. I’d love to join in but I’m too shy.  I’m afraid my friends and neighbors will be laughing at me behind my back. What do you suggest next year?



The next time you go to the concert, place a clever disguise in your purse. It’s amazing what a pair of dark glasses, a large floppy hat and a raincoat can do to provide you the anonymity you need while you trip the light fantastic on the dance floor.  

A sizable flask full of tequila is also a plus.


Dear Dr Know It All:

What happens if I’m praying to the wrong God?



Your prayer works or it doesn’t based on how They’re getting along.