The IWD forum held last week was extremely informative and it was disappointing to see a very low attendance of our IWD customers present. How can people knowledgeably vote for our Board of Directors if they don’t know who they’re voting for in our upcoming election? Without a doubt, our current board is doing an outstanding, stellar and progressive job and that certainly came across clearly at the forum listening to the five candidates; all having an equal amount of time to respond to the numerous questions presented to them over a period of two hours.

It saddens me to hear criticism about our current Board of Directors by people who are making accusations based on hearsay, speculation and/or information they have not checked out or confirmed.

Our Board of Directors deserves our respect when you take into consideration the responsibility they take on, as well as the time commitment they give to our community, meetings and trainings on and off the Hill, additional time to sit on subcommittees for reviewing and renewing ordinances, policies and procedures, as well as years of planning for upcoming projects, such as our newly grant-funded recycle project to keep water on the Hill.

First, deep appreciation and acknowledgement to the five faithful and dedicated IWD Board of Directors for your commendable and outstanding achievements on our behalf. Second, I ask you, the IWD customers, to please be responsible voters this upcoming election and vote for Jim Billman, Dean Wesley Lattin and Warren Monroe — they have our best interest in mind, so let’s keep a good thing going and not fix what’s not broken.

Mary Pat “M.P.” Wylie, Ph.D.