Dr Know It All can answer any question. He just happens to know everything. Dr Know It All selects a few questions each month. Readers may send the Doctor a question at the Town Crier ([email protected]). 

Dear Dr Know It All:

The dogs in my neighborhood drive me crazy with their incessant barking. What can I do?


Not a problem. Obtain an expensive recording device and, over the period of a few days, record the sound of the barking dogs. Edit out any non-barking pauses. If you can splice in sounds of yowling cats, all the better. Next, purchase several expensive, large outdoor speakers and face them in the direction of your neighbors. Now, crank up the volume and play the “canine concerto” on a constant loop for 48 hours. 

Then, call your Realtor, your lawyer and a security firm. Lie low. 


Dear Dr Know It All:

What exactly is “Idyllwild Time”?


I’ll get back to you on that.


Dear Dr Know It All:

So many of my Idyllwild friends are accomplished artists or musicians and I can’t draw a line or sing a note. I feel like there must be something wrong with me. Is there?


There probably is something wrong with you but there’s not enough time to get into that right now. In the meantime don’t worry about your friends. Art and music are only one side of an equation. The balancing side is you, the audience. If your friends get too impressed with themselves, throw this quote at them: “If nature is the purest form of art, is silence the purest form of music?“ This may not apply at all but the Dr likes the quote anyway.