Canceled again? I tried to attend the fire abatement meeting last week at 1 p.m. and it was canceled.

Since October I’ve been trying to find out what in the world they are doing? They announced big plans and big changes to existing fire-abatement laws more than three months ago.

I see a lot of concern and questions in the paper, but no answers from the committee.

Now, I understand that meetings get canceled. But this is the second canceled meeting. Just a sign on a door, “Canceled.”  That’s not proper notification, especially after all of the rumors and letters showing concern about what this committee is trying to impose on our community.

I scheduled time out of my day because I am concerned about the livability of this community.

I would expect a professional organization to have had someone there to explain why this meeting was canceled and to take my contact information to inform me of the next meeting.

I don’t expect much from government but I expect a lot from my fire department. If the lack of professionalism from this committee is any indication of what their final code-enforcement document will look like, I feel sorry for everyone on the Hill.

Scott Fisher
Pine Cove