Beware of land surveyors because they may cause significant damage to landscaping with their careless vegetation trimming.

We have been part-time residents in Pine Cove for more than 40 years, owning a cabin and land there.

The property is mostly enclosed by 600-foot-long, two-rail fence. Inside is a row of native plants and large junipers. These were planted about 35-plus years ago. We consider them “landscaping” plants, have greatly enjoyed them and have lovingly tended them since their planting.

The plants’ arrangement, location and purpose are obvious to all except the surveyor who damaged some plants.

We suspect a surveyor because of four new markers and repainting an older one with the same paint on adjacent property.

He has cut off numerous branches from trees along the western and northern property lines, as well as within 35 feet inside our property.

All tree trimming was done in a most horrible way, leaving long stubs of up to about 20 inches in length. Seems this party never heard of proper trimming, as recommended by the arborists.

Furthermore, all slash was left where it fell for me to clean up and take to the Transfer Station.

What nerve.

It is sad that some professional (?) residents do not have appreciation and respect for our beautiful flora and fauna. It is even more upsetting when private property is damaged while clearly trespassing without the owner’s prior knowledge or permission.

This conduct cannot be tolerated.

Emil L. Bereczky

Pine Cove and