Q. We’re going out for crab legs this weekend at a seafood restaurant. But I hate wearing those big plastic bibs they give you with the cartoon crab on them. What else can I do?

Edith, Temecula

A. Bring along your own bib. An old sweater works fine. Just tie the arms around your neck and you won’t mind if you slop all over it. Then you can turn it inside out and still wear it home.

Q.  I have a shirt that’s supposed to be hand-washed and drip-dried. But I accidently put it through my washer and dryer. Now, the seams are all puckered up, it’s a mass of wrinkles and it’s two sizes too small. What can I do?

Alvin, Sun City

A.  Make a present of it to a small relative you don’t have to look at often.

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