On Friday, April 3 the Soboba Foundation and Soboba Casino holds its third-annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Soboba Springs Country Club.

Leading up to the tournament, 20 local organizations submitted applications to be considered for receiving a portion of the $40,000 that will be awarded. After reviewing applications, the board invited eight to give personal presentations before the board.

The final four are the Center Against Sexual Assault, Exceptionally Excited Kids Fitness, the Ramona Humane Society and the Valley Intervention Program, Tots.

An important factor used by the board in selecting the final four was the percentage of the award that would actually be used for the stated intended purpose.

CASA will use the award to equip a play therapy room for survivors of sexual violence for youth under 18; EEK Fitness plans to use funds for music programs for special needs students in local schools; Ramona Humane Society will use awards to pair homeless animals with veterans; and VIP Tots will use funds for new flooring in its main pre-school building.

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Soboba-Foundation-Annual-Charity-Golf-Tournament/931879150169287.