The U.S. Forest Service arrested a man near the site of the Cranston Fire on the day of the fire, Tuesday, April 7.

U.S. Forest Service Public Information Officer John Miller confirmed the arrest. Miller said the suspect was arrested for charges unrelated to the fire. Miller said it is U.S. Department of Agriculture policy not to release the names of arrestees nor specific charges for arrests.

California Highway Patrol initially spotted and detained the backpack-wearing suspect, but Forest Service made the arrest.

Miller said the investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing and is being coordinated with Cal Fire.

The fire started around noon Tuesday, April 7, about 2 miles east of USFS Cranston station and north of Highway 74. Forest Service and Cal Fire responded and contained the fire within about two hours. Although the fire was mostly on private land, Forest Service took jurisdiction because federal land also was involved.