On Saturday, the State Water Resources Control Board released proposed regulations for implementing Gov. Jerry Brown’s 25-percent conservation standard mandated by his April 7 Executive Order.

Urban water districts will be required to reduce current consumption by between 8 to 36 percent compared to 2013 per-capita usage.

Smaller water suppliers (serving fewer than 3,000 connections), which includes our three local water districts, will be required to achieve a 25-percent conservation standard or restrict outdoor irrigation to no more than two days per week.

These smaller water suppliers serve fewer than 10 percent of Californians, according to SWRCB.

Small water suppliers also will be required to submit a single report on Dec. 15 on their water production from June through November 2015 and June through November 2013. They also must report the number of days per week outdoor irrigation is allowed.

And, all individuals and businesses will be prohibited from irrigating ornamental turf on public street medians with potable water; and irrigating outside of newly constructed homes and buildings with potable water not delivered by drip or microspray.

Other entities with an independent source of water, such as those not served by a water supplier, are required to either limit outdoor irrigation to two days per week or achieve a 25-percent reduction in water use. Often, these properties have large landscapes that would otherwise not be addressed by this regulation, according to the SWRCB.