You have promised so many changes in your latest speech standing next to Bernie Sanders. How about you giving back to the poor people the amassed monies in the millions since you left the White House.

Remember, nobody takes anything with them when our time here is up.

Yes, you are very intelligent. Use it for all the people, not just for your own purpose and gratification to become president.

Look inside your heart. Can you be truthful to yourself ? What is really motivating yourself and why?

To lead a country, as president, is an overwhelming responsibility. Yes, I would welcome seeing a woman in the White House, but to me, you do and say anything to get where you want to go and what you want.

If you truly love this country more than yourself and want to make America great again — greater than your own ambitions — put the money where your mouth is. I will then give you the benefit of doubt.

My love is yours, America.

Gisela M. Stearns