Congratulations to June Rockwell and Steven Kunkle. The people have spoken. Perhaps they should have run another candidate as a three-member slate.

Smoke and mirrors by IWD board members and management have been the game to date. Board weakness/bias/self-interest are like cancers to be cut out and eliminated from public office.

Conduct by IWD board member Frietas does matter. To quote him in a paid political ad, “Steve was a disgruntled water district employee and I understand the district wasn’t happy with his performance. It seems now he wants revenge.”

It would be a mistake for Steve and June to ignore these apparently targeted egregious/defamatory statements. Unless properly addressed, Frietas and his other board member friends and management will never work legitimately with new board members even with half-hearted promises of regret and forgiveness.

I encourage June and Steven to use California Public Records law putting sunshine upon management operations and board conduct. The board should immediately seek counsel and training to move forward. I have to wonder if another on the board or in management encouraged Frietas to sink Kunkle’s election efforts in these paid political ads.

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove