By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” new ARF cats discussed how to keep dogs comfortable in cold, winter weather.
Phil: Recently I heard a human say he wasn’t certain a cat was the best choice for him. I thought “he hasn’t met all of us. “
Atlas: No kidding! Take me, for example. I’m young (not even a year old), playful and good looking! I’d be the perfect family member for someone who wants to play with an attentive feline.
Phil: You hit the nail on the head, Atlas. And I’m perfect for the person who likes bigger cats, more mature cats, and cats who are super friendly
Newton: You described yourself beautifully, Phil. I am the perfect fit for a person who would like a smaller, younger cat who is very, very friendly. I also like to play.
Don: Phil, I am sure you realize that everything you said about yourself is also true about me. We are brothers, after all!
Buffie: You know, Cuddles and I are the two glamorous cats here at ARF. We both have longer hair, are both young, and we both are very friendly.
Cuddles: Thanks for the nice words, Buffie. I think you really summed-up what you and I are all about.
Newton: Hey Harley, what about you?
Harley: Here is what I have to say: Anyone who meets me at ARF will never forget me. I’m a big, orange boy who is happy to meet and greet all humans. But they should know that I prefer to be the only pet.
Phil: True, Harley. You do make quite an impression!
Atlas: And that lucky guy gets to greet everyone who comes through the door. One of the perks of being the official ARF office cat.
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