I was delighted to read that our wonderful Christmas Tree is going to get more help.

Pine Cove Water District has already delivered three tanks of water this summer as a community service. When the last drought thirteen years ago started Pine Cove Water District acquired a disused 1000 gallon water tank from a Hemet farmer.  It takes all day but the guys at Pine Cove Water load up the tank on their dump truck, fill it by flushing out the fire hydrants, bring it down to Jo’An’s and trickle it out on to the tree. This has been going on for twelve to thirteen years. Several loads of mulch have also been delivered. I’m glad that Phyllis Mueller and Mayor Max were finally able to get Idyllwild Water to help out.

When I eagerly read the article I was disappointed to read nothing about the work of the Pine Cove Water District over the years.  I am delighted that Pine Cove is finally getting some help.

We all love the Tree Lighting in late November.  This is a community icon.  In the center of the town, we shut down two streets and party for hours around this tree, singing and feasting around the bonfires while waiting for the magical lights to appear just as the sun goes down. We gobble down the marvelous hot dogs made for us by Lou Padula, drink the hot cider and cocoa. Poems and stories are read, children, dogs and adults with reindeer antlers on their heads grin and greet neighbors and strangers. Nick and Diane D’Amico’s Caroling Company leads us in carols.

Nancy Borchers

Pine Cove

Editor’s note: The article Borchers refers to was coverage of an IWD meeting, not a general discussion about the town Christmas tree.