The Art Alliance of Idyllwild, a 501(c)(3) organization, has announced it will be donating more than $15,000 toward keeping art alive in Idyllwild. The proposed funding will further AAI’s purpose as a nonprofit, which is to “enhance and expand Idyllwild’s reputation as an art community, to support the achievement of artistic excellence, and to support education in the arts.”

The organization is pleased to announce that this is the largest amount donated since its nonprofit designation in 2002.

Many of the organizations and projects receiving funding have never before benefited from financial support by the AAI.

AAI is leading the effort to create “a generation of artists one scholarship at a time,” according to a press release. Those receiving funding this year include the local smARTS Program run by volunteers who provide ongoing art education at the local Idyllwild School for students. SmARTS will receive $2,000 for supplies and teacher stipends along with another $1,000 to be applied toward a field trip or special project of its choice. The Idyllwild School music program also will receive $1,000.

AAI is continuing to provide financial support to the Idyllwild Arts Academy, one of three independent high school boarding schools for the arts in the U.S. AAI will be donating a total of $5,200 to IAA and the Associates of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation. Funding will provide scholarships for incoming local Idyllwild students, a college scholarship for a graduating Idyllwild student in the arts, financial assistance for Idyllwild youth wishing to attend the Summer Junior Artists Program, and support for the school’s newly formed baby dance program that gives dance classes taught by students to local preschoolers.

More funding is being distributed to a variety of new organizations and programs. Hemet High School will receive a $1,000 scholarship for a graduating Idyllwild student going into the arts, and Musica!, an organization that offers a free music program to youth, will receive $1,000. A total of $2,400 will be applied toward the creation of two summer programs for local teens. These include a workshop to be named “The Science of Art” that will be held at The James Reserve and a “Writing for Performance” workshop.

AAI also has set aside $1,500 to offer partial funding to help create a new art program for local home-schooled children.

AAI has 283 members. Its fundraising efforts are made possible thanks to membership dues and proceeds from two annual fundraising events. Known to provide unique art events throughout the year, AAI produces annual fundraisers which include the Eye of the Artist event, scheduled for March 19, and its popular Art Walk and Wine Tasting, to be held in 2016 on Oct. 8.

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