Town Hall Youth Basketball Coordinator Bob Lewis gave this report for recent games.

Division 1 (ages 6-9)

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, the Bruins hosted the Wildcats. Tyler Sonnier had a good game for the Wildcats, putting in a free throw, and played good defense for the Wildcats, but the Bruins got a good game out of Cole Mesia, who had a bucket and grabbed many rebounds for the Bruins as they beat the Wildcats 18-5.

The second game on Tuesday had the Black Wolf Pack against the Trojans. Zane Booth played very good defense and had a couple of steals for the Trojans, but Caleb Alverez got 6 points for the Black Wolf Pack as they trounced the Trojans 16-2.

On Friday, Jan. 15, the Wildcats played the Black Wolf Pack. The Wildcats jumped out to a 10-4 halftime lead thanks to a bucket and aggressive defense by Lilyan Easley. The Black Wolf Pack came roaring back in the second half with Carter McLean scoring 6 points in the second half as the Black Wolf Pack held on to beat the Wildcats 16-12.

The second game, the Trojans played the Bruins. Travis Rocha was the hot shooter for the Trojans with 12 points. The Bruins countered back with Christian Gonzalez scoring 7 points but it wasn’t quite enough as the Trojans outlasted the Bruins 17-14.


Names Wins Losses

Black Wolf Pack 4 1

Trojans 4 1

Bruins 2 3

Wildcats 0 5

Division 2 (ages 10-13)

Unfortunately on Friday, Jan. 15, the first game was a forfeit due to the Timberwolves lacking enough players to play the game against the Pumpkin Heads.

The second game pitted the Pumpkin Heads against the Purple Pirates. The Pumpkin Heads only had five players, but played their hearts out with Preston Pino pouring in 11 points, including a 3-pointer, to keep the Pumpkin Heads close, but Mecino Reynosa had a really good game for the Purple Pirates with 2 points and good defense as the Purple Pirates beat the Pumpkin Heads 35-32.


Names Wins Losses

Purple Pirates 3 1

Pumpkin Heads 2 2

Timberwolves 1 3


Town Hall Adult Coed Volleyball Coordinator Ginger Dagnall gave this report for recent games.

Last week on the volleyball court:

Monday, Idyllwild Inn beat La Casita (aka Hot Salsa) in four super-close matches.  Tuesday, Silver Pines beat Idyllwild Vacation Rentals in four matches. Wednesday, Idyllwild Garage beat Soil Supply Co. in three matches. Thursday, Silver Pines beat Soil Supply Co. in four matches.

For volleyball novices, teams play best-of-five sets to win the match. Each set is played to 25. Sometimes these teams are so evenly matched they go to set five and battle it neck and neck.

Each team plays each other three times. There are six teams in this 2015-16 league. All teams make it to playoffs.


Names Wins Losses

Silver Pines 7 1

Idyllwild Garage 5 2

Idyllwild Inn 4 1

Soil Supply Co. 2 4

La Casita 1 5

Idyllwild Vacation Rentals 0 6