One boulder falling on our highway was a major inconvenience and not the first of its kind.

It would be better if the gentlemen who wrote the letters regarding “bouldergeddon” and many other people on the Hill were aware of Mountain Disaster Preparedness. This group, along with

first responders from IFPD, Cal Fire, CHP and Riverside County Sheriff, has made preparations for assisting needy folk in the event of a true disaster:

• A major earthquake that causes major damage and isolates us by closing all the roads.

• A major power outage with no electricity or phone services for an extended period of time.

• Major fires or flash flooding that cut us off from outside help.

• A true blizzard that causes both loss of electricity, phone services and outside help.

We meet regularly and have community meetings scheduled throughout the year. The most recent community meeting was held in our library. More than 100 people attending received instructions on how to prepare for El Niño.

MDP would love to have your support.

Thom Wallace

MDP, DAS director