I moved from Louisville, Colorado, back to Idyllwild in 2011.

Throughout the last third of my childhood, I lived in this forest.

In 2009, a friend told me that Clesson Harvey, a man accountable for a lengthy translation of many Egyptian hieroglyphs, claimed a visitation, like in the days of the pyramids, would happen within the next decade.

Roughly a year later, strange events happened.

My palsy and brain damage temporarily healed, and what’s called astral travel (a term I thought was too New Age) seemed to increase.

I had been writing history of consciousness for about 19 years and discovered that the collective human subjectivity sphere had been condensed around it.

No one called me about any of these matters, and my phone number was accessible to the public.

I lived in Louisville for about half a year and tried to sell my psychology text.

Then I moved next door to Lafayette where I established the Center for Black Diasporic Studies.

After studying astral phenomenon there for a few more months, I moved back to Idyllwild where it seemed the main part of the Mayan visitation was happening.

Harvey died on Oct. 18, 2012, after I visited him at his trailer in Idyllwild a few times. At that point, I started documenting the visitation more.

One of the strangest aspects is that several white women have shown up to talk about it, the paradigm shift and related subjects. Only one male, Europeanoid, has shown similar support for the rituals. He is anonymous.

Mike Loutzenhiser