Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about winter weather and pet dangers.
Stevie: I just saw a bunch of puppies entering the ARF office!
Whiskers: Me, too. They are the new puppies that will be meeting potential forever families this Saturday and next.
Stevie: Come on in, kids!
Acorn: (bounding into the room, followed by six other puppies) Hi, guys! I’m Acorn, and these are my siblings. We are about 5-½ weeks old, and we would love to meet people who will fall in love with us.
Stevie: Hi! So the girls are Spice, Butternut, Yams. And the boys must be, beside you, Acorn, Pecan, Maple and Pumpkin.
Acorn: That’s right. Our mom is about 40 pounds, but sadly we do not know who our father is.
Pepper: I’m so sorry to hear that! But regardless, all of you are just adorable.
Whiskers: Interested families should call ARF to make an appointment to meet you, right?
Acorn: Right. And we will be ready to go to our forever homes Saturday, Nov. 13. We cannot wait!
Pepper: We also have a new member of our cat family, Harley. Here he is now.
Harley: Hello, fellow felines. I’m a big boy who is very, very friendly. I just love humans, and I hope someone will want to take me home very soon.
Pepper: As we all do.
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