Last week in “The Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats welcomed Checkers the dog and celebrated the adoption of four kittens.

Leia: You ain’t gonna believe this. Last Wednesday ARF took in a litter of four kittens, and three have already been adopted!

Bobbie: Great news! So I have to tolerate only one kitten?

Leia: Her name is Abra [right], and she’s pretty darned cute.

Bobbie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cute kittens. I know. What about Checkers the dog?

Checkers: I’m still here, but probably not for long. I already have two families who’ve applied to give me my forever home.


Bobby: So let me get this straight. Four kittens in and three are adopted within four days, and this dog is with ARF only one week and already has families vying for him? Seriously?

Bill: Seriously.

Leia: So, Checkers, what makes you so special?

Checkers: Let’s see … I like other dogs very much, although I’m not too crazy about you cats, and I love, love, love to hike and go for walks. I’m house trained, and pretty much the only I time I bark is to alert humans when something is amiss.

Bill: Amiss? That’s a fancy word for a dog.


Checkers: Well, I’m not an ordinary dog. I’m part border collie, and you know how smart they are!

Bobbie: Aaarrrgghhh! Stop it!! Enough about smart dogs and cute kittens! What about meeeeeee? I’m smart! I’m friendly! I know how to love a human! (begins crying)

Checkers: (looking over her shoulder to Bill) Wow. What’s wrong with her?

Bill: She’s been in the ARF cattery for quite a while now. She’d love her own family, and she’s just a bit frustrated that a special human hasn’t come for her yet.

Checkers: (to Bobbie) I’m sorry, Bobbie.

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