The public can’t get a straight answer from a water district general manager about something as simple as his required T2 certification. The public can’t get a straight answer from their water board about something as simple as a general manager’s required T2 certification.

The responses range from “pending” to “satisfactory progress” to “barking up the wrong tree.”

The State Water Resources Control Board says Lynch has yet to pass the T2 exam and is set to take it for a fourth time in November.

To us, the serious part is not Lynch’s certification — the IWD board can decide to waive that requirement. (Although you must wonder why they have not waived it long before this. If it weren’t important to them, why has Lynch repeatedly taken the exam?)

Rather, what’s serious is: The public can’t get a straight answer from these people — our own local, elected officials.

Lynch specifically denied to the Town Crier that he’d taken the exam three times without passing, and that he’s scheduled for a fourth try in November.  Lynch  says his certification is “pending,” and refuses to explain further.

And Director Jim Billman told the Town Crier (on information he got from Lynch?) that Lynch was “awaiting final results of the state exam.”

Well, the Town Crier has copies of Lynch’s exam applications to the SWRCB, signed by him, showing that he did in fact fail the T2 exam three times. He’s not awaiting results, and the only thing “pending” is that he’s scheduled to try yet again in November.

I’m finding this seriously disturbing.  If Lynch is willing to lie to us about this, what won’t he lie about at IWD?

              -Becky Clark, Editor