I read Nancy Pearlman’s letter about how her water bill somehow went from $28 to $1,400, and how the Idyllwild Water District seemed totally unresponsive.

My water bill went from $28 to $1,200. This is a weekend home and during the month in question, no one was in the home and no water should have been used at all.

IWD’s first explanation was that it was a leak near the meter and their responsibility. That was later changed to “a toilet may have been running” and I was told I had to pay the entire amount, which I did over a matter of months.

I’m wondering if Nancy and I are alone, or are there others having similar spikes. It seems like these types of things never happened prior to the new meters being installed.

It would be great to know if these are isolated examples, or if perhaps their new system is leaking bad data.

Larry Kopald, Idyllwild/Los Angeles