Town Hall Sports Coordinator Justin Nunn gave this report on Youth Soccer. Below are the scores, standings and players of the game for Town Hall Youth Soccer. For the 4 to 6 year olds we are only doing player of the game.


Ages 4-6

Thursday, Oct. 6: Ninja Turtles vs. Slippery Sharks; The Jedi’s vs.  Team Awesome Sauce

Players of the game: Ninja Turtles, Gael Rivera; Slippery Sharks, Cainan Cooper; The Jedis, Ruby Adams ; Team Awesome Sauce, Caide Brown.


Ages 7-9

On Friday, Oct. 7, the Dragons faced off against the Wildcats with the Cats being undefeated and the Dragons looking for their first win of the season. In a thriller with both teams fighting hard, they ended at a 1-1 draw.

Player of the game for the Dragons was Charlie McQueeney with her hustle the entire game.  For the Wildcats, it was Kyler  Schlenz with his all-around hustle, too.

Also that evening, the Star Blues vied against The Hurricanes with both teams having a record of 1-1. In a lopsided game, the Star Blues dominated with a 3-0  victory despite he hard play of The Hurricanes.

Player of the game for Star Blues was Christopher Carnitos scoring all 3 goals. For The  Hurricanes, it was Indigo Dagnall with some excellent saves as goalie.


Standings                                   Wins                                     Ties                                      Losses

  Wildcats                                             2                                              1                                                  0

Star Blues                                           2                                             0                                                  1

Hurricanes                                         1                                              0                                                  2

Dragons                                              0                                              1                                                  2


Ages 10-14

  On Thursday evening, Oct. 6, ReaL Idyllwild  faced the Daredevils. ReaL Idyllwild dominated early and that led to a 4-0 victory.

Player of the game for ReaL Idyllwild  was Lily Easly for scoring a goal. For the Daredevils, it was Revin Muir for his excellent hustle throughout the game.


Standings                                      Wins                                   Losses

ReaL Idyllwild                                     2                                               0

  Dare Devils                                           2                                               2

Blue Thunder                                       0                                               2