The people vote in different ways: with their feet, their money or their ballots.

Prior to election day, 2016, the American people kept their mouths shut about how they would vote. Both parties held their nominating conventions in mid- to late- July and the Dow Jones Industrial Average began a slow descent until election day as Hillary’s probability of winning was widely circulated.

On election day, the DJI plunged as initial news of Hillary’s success came in. As the evening turned to morning and Trump began to win, the DJI abruptly changed direction and at last count, has broken 19,000 — a new high.

This action by the people is a trend beginning after WW II with the East German people voting to leave Communism with their feet (and no money), thus causing their government to build a wall to keep them in.

In England, the newly elected Labor government said that the people could leave, but could not take their money with them. The recent BREXIT vote in England demonstrated how the people felt about the EU’s control of their lives.

On Nov. 8, 2016, enough of the people voted for change.

William R. Farout