Town Hall Sports Coordinator Justin Nunn gave this report on recent Town Hall Adult Volleyball.

The new season for Adult Volleyball is underway as each team looks to dethrone the reigning champs Idyllwild Inn. 

We kicked off the season with Idyllwild Garage facing Idyllwild Inn last Monday night, Dec. 5. Both teams came out strong in the first game playing their best. Idyllwild Inn won 26-24, showing why they are the defending champs. 

In the second game, also close, Idyllwild Garage came away with the 25-20 victory. 

In the third game, Idyllwild Garage completely destroyed the Inn with a dominant 25-4 win. 

Going into the fourth game trying to push it to a fifth, Idyllwild Inn fought extremely hard but came up short in a 25-23 loss.

On Tuesday night, Dec. 6, new team Perez faced off against Silver Pines. In the first game, Perez came off strong and played very hard but lost 25-19. 

In the second game between the two, Perez came up short again 25-22. 

In the third game Silver Pines completely dominated 25-9, sweeping Perez.

Wednesday night, Idyllwild Garage, coming off their first win of the season, played against La Casita. Garage remained dominant and won the first two games 25-16 and 25-23. 

Down 0-2, La Casita came in ready to win, beating the Garage 25-23. 

As the fourth game came along, both teams playing their hardest, La Casita came up short 25-23 and Garage is 2-0 on the season now.

Thursday night, Perez and Idyllwild Inn, both coming off losses, looked for their first win. With the Inn playing with only four players, they knew it would be a long night. Fighting hard but failing in their first game, the Inn lost the first game 25-22. 

But the Inn showed up to win and won the next three close games — 25-23, 25-24 and 25-15 — and going 1-1 to start the season while Perez starts off 0-2.

To end the opening week of the new season, La Casita battled Silver Pines as they looked for their first win of the season and as Silver Pines tried to avoid their first loss. La Casita started off strong beating Silver Pines 28-26, but Silver Pines showed their dominance with three straight victories — 25-11, 25-21 and 25-22 — starting off the year 2-0 and La Casita starting off 0-2.