Becky, I am amazed at reading the story about Ken. As you may recall, when Pete Capparelli and I purchased the old Hemet bank where the new village center is, we were thrilled to let Ken have the first concerts there. I remember helping him to set up.

If this is how he acknowledges the contributions of all who have supported this event, then Kate and I are more than happy to meet you for dinner on any of the Thursday night(s) of your choice and talk about the good old days when loyalty meant something.

I realize the paper business has enough troubles these days. Without local citizens realizing the importance of a community paper and working together for the good of all makes me more than sad. I don’t know why he would choose to alienate you and Jack. The fact that you keep the town informed of literally everything  we need to know is so important that I fail to understand what could possibly be his reason.

If it’s about not wanting to give you a free sponsorship in exchange for free advertising, then perhaps it’s a big mistake on his part. My guess is the concert revenue will suffer from this decision. I always thought the concert series was a nonprofit enterprise for the town. I fail to see how, for whatever reason this decision to alter a beneficial arrangement makes any sense. What am I missing here? We are living in strange times. I am sorry for us all. We appreciate you both for trying to do the right thing.

Vic Sirkin


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