Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats welcomed a new dog to the ARF family.


Mr. Jingle: Hey, cats! Gather ’round.  I have dog news.

Anabel: We’re all here. What’s the news?

Mr. Jingle: Even though I’m not terribly fond of other dogs, I will introduce a group of puppies that has just joined the


ARF family.

Indigo: Yay! Puppies! Who doesn’t like puppies?

Little Girl: I think most humans are suckers for puppies. Here they are!


Alvin: Good morning. I’m Alvin, and here are my brother Dasher and sister Holly.

Mr. Jingle: They are a mixed breed, but we’re not certain what that mix is.

Little Girl: Who cares? They are adorable.

Holly: Thank you. It’s true, our heritage is unknown, but the ARF humans predict we will be medium-sized when



Dasher: Yeah, maybe 50 pounds or so.

Mr. Jingle

Mr. Jingle:  You’ll be a lot larger than me! So tell the cats all about yourselves.

Alvin: I’m known as the funny one of the group. I just love to play and make humans laugh.

Dasher: I’m known as the cuddler. I like to nestle my head onto a loving human’s shoulder.

Holly:  And our foster says I’m the instigator. I like to get my brothers up-n-playing.  But I’m also a snuggler.

Augusta: You guys should be adopted very quickly.


Sadie: So ARF has four dogs all ready to join forever homes just in time for the holidays.

Little Girl

Little Girl: What a wonderful gift for both the family and the canine!

Augusta: I just hope people remember that we cats would be wonderful holiday additions to the perfect forever family.

Mr. Jingle:  Got that right, Augusta!

Little Girl: I hope lots and lots of people come by the ARF House this weekend to meet us all.

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