Four men were rescued from San Jacinto Peak Saturday night and Sunday morning. Here, two of them leave the helicopter that flew them off the mountain. The other two hiked out with the California Parks rescue team.
Photo courtesy Todd Friedman, California Department of Parks and Recreation

This weekend, with the rain, was both tough and unfortunate for hikers in the local mountains and trails. Both the California State Parks and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department executed rescue missions.

The first call for help was about 3 p.m. Saturday from four men near San Jacinto Peak. The Mt. San Jacinto State Parks initiated the recovery response.

About two hours later, a call went to the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station. A female hiker, 64, with little water and without warm clothing, was lost along the Cactus Springs Trail.

Members of the Riverside County Desert Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit responded and helped her out of the area Saturday evening.

The four men, between ages 20 and 50, were suffering from hypothermia. Saturday night, the State Parks rescue team reached the Peak Shelter where the group was clustered. The team brought medical supplies, and warm and dry clothing.

Since it was already dark and the weather still bad, leaving the mountain waited until Sunday morning, according to Todd Friedman of the State Parks.

In the morning, the California Highway Patrol Aviation unit hoisted two members of the group off the mountain. Due to rapidly changing weather conditions, the helicopter could not make a return flight.

“The State Parks rescue team hiked the remaining two subjects to safety at the Long Valley Ranger Station near the Palm Springs Tramway,” Friedman wrote.