Anneliese Maria Vollmar was born June 4, 1928.

• Daughter of Lena Hafner - von Dautel and Rikahard von Dautel, sibling to surviving twin sister Margret, 90,  and her brother Fritz, 96; wife to Werner Vollmar (deceased); and mother of Ashley Morgan Vollmar-Capel

• Wiesbaden Invitational Track and Field contender

• Holocaust survivor

• Engineer

• Devoted American Veterans and Wounded Warrior Project supporter

• Devoted American Red Cross supporter

• Mother “to all” orphaned adult children

• Stem Cell tissue donation toward revolutionizing organ transplants

After 12.5 painful years of battling acute/chronic pancreatitis, semi-annual Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatographies, enduring four months of Peripherally Inserted Central catheters, surviving three Biliopancreatic Diversion Gastric Bypass surgeries in under 60 days at the age of 89, and spending 1.5 years of hospice care in the home of her daughter, Anneliese succumbed to passing in her 90th year.

Anneliese’s will to live was authentic and humbling, choosing to disregard the undeviating pain to remain a constant in the lives of those she loved and felt needed her.

Her last strengthening words to her daughter, Ashley, before her final week were, “Never fail to hear those who respect, love and need you, and never acknowledge or respond to those who maltreat you.  Leave justice to the Creator.” (Advice complimentary to her deceased husband, Werner, who in simpler terms quite frequently and humorously stated, “Always consider the source!” —  words to live by.)

In loving memory of an amazing soul, who loved the beautiful forest town of Idyllwild with hopes all inhabitants would always revere and protect its natural opulence.

Rest in peace, Anneliese.