The Town Crier puts into print the news of the community of Idyllwild. “Community” invokes a sense of togetherness, mutual caring, support, understanding and comfort.

I have known Idyllwild to be a thoughtful community whose residents portray a sense of awareness about nature, beauty and each other.

My brother, Chuck Clayton, was killed recently in a single-vehicle accident. He was a kind and loving man, and — importantly — a long-time resident of your town who has contributed beauty to that community both professionally and personally for many years.

The Town Crier has thoughtlessly invaded the privacy of the Clayton family at this very difficult time by printing a graphic photo of the accident scene with no regard for impact on family members. This is an invasion of privacy and should have been edited out by your staff.

Mr. Maxwell would have been ashamed at your lack of thoughtfulness about this tragedy. I would expect some gesture of apology to the Clayton family and look forward to seeing this letter in your publication.

Barbara Moseley

Rio Rico, Arizona