Heavenly Whiskers

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats imagined life in a forever home.
Thomas: Who’s gonna be the office cat?
Mr. Gray: What do you mean? Paddy has kind of filled the position since he got here.
Thomas: But he got adopted on Sunday!
George: I knew it! I knew he would. Good for him.
Bear: And how is Tommy the dog doing in his trial adoption?
Thomas: I’ve heard it’s pretty much a done deal. He is doing very well.
Zeus: So, no dogs now?
Sadie: Well, I heard that there is one, although she won’t be ready for adoption for about a month. Her name is Nala.
Heavenly Whiskers: I know that she had surgery on Monday to reset a broken rear leg.
Sadie: That’s true. Nala was found on Highway 74. No one claimed her. It’s very sad, although she is with a very good foster, one who will care for her while she recuperates.
George: What kind of dog is she? What’s her story?
Sadie: She is a German shepherd, about 7 years old. I’ve heard she is very mellow and affectionate.
Mr. Gray: She has one ear up, the other down! How cute is that?
Sadie: She also is very, very good with dogs of all sizes.
George: So what kind of family will she be good with, once she is 100 percent?
Sadie: She will be good with just about any family as she is so easy-going. If her foster didn’t already have her dogs, she would love to keep her. Thankfully, she has agreed to nurse her back to health after this surgery.
George: Do you think she was abandoned? Hit by a car?
Sadie: We don’t know, George, and right now, I guess that doesn’t matter. She is in good hands with ARF.
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