By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats discussed notable dates on the calendar that celebrate pets.
Atlas: Good morning! Did Santa Claus visit all of you this week?
Phil: Actually, Santa has been visiting us since shortly after Thanksgiving, via daily donations!
Atlas: Ooh, did Santa have something to do with the donations collected at our local supermarket?
Harley: I think maybe.
Onyx: We’ve also received such wonderful support from the mountain community and beyond.
Atlas: That’s right. ARF has been very thankful for each and every donation.
Onyx: How long will ARF collect donations at its display in the market?
Pepper: I heard the collection location will be there until probably Jan. 2.
Onyx: On another note, I thought maybe one of us would find a forever home for the holidays.
Don: Me, too. Sigh.
Pepper: Maybe more people will come by ARF once the holiday craziness is finished.
Harley: Rescuing an ARF dog or cat would be part of a wonderful New Years resolution.
Atlas: Yes! We could help a loving human being learn to care for a wholly dependent family member.
Onyx: True. We bring such joy into a home, and all we ask in return is food, shelter and, when necessary, proper veterinary care.
Harley: So true, Onyx. We also want to wear some kind of identification in case we wander from home.
Don: Hopefully that never happens, but people need to understand that no one can predict the actions of an intelligent being.
Atlas: And we ARE intelligent!
Phil: Yes, we are. Hopefully we find a great home with people who understand us.
Onyx: Regardless, I hope that you all have a great 2023.
Don: I think we all will, and we could help any family with the same.
All: Happy New Year!
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