It seems that common sense would dictate that any company that seeks to build a telecom cell tower in Riverside County would acquire all the proper permits and meet all Riverside County’s design requirements and protocols before ever starting construction and installation of the related equipment for a cell tower.
Given the spotty wireless cell phone reception in the Idyllwild area, the addition of a new cell tower in our community is a big plus.
A large number of Idyllwild residents and businesses depend solely on wireless smart phones and other wireless devices for their personal and business contacts.
In my experience it appears that those who object to cell towers in their community, more often than not, want the convenience of wireless devices so long as the cell tower is not in their neighbor’s back yard where it may be seen.
To those people I would like to suggest that you give up all your wireless devices and return to using the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS or a telephone land line and fax machine for all your personal and business communications.
David W. Ledbetter