In response to a reader’s letter last week, we want to clarify that Quiet Skies Idyllwild’s prime goal is to redirect commercial air traffic away from the Hill, a quality-of-life issue quite separate from aircraft used in first-response efforts against the Cranston Fire.

In the post-fire period, commercial jet overflights resumed their “normal” frequency, reaching 153 directly over Idyllwild and Pine Cove on Saturday.

Hill residents who want to share our efforts to restore the Hill’s tranquility are welcome to join the Quiet Skies Idyllwild team’s regular meetings at 2 p.m. Mondays at Café Aroma.

We are collecting petition signatures to support U.S. Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz’ efforts towards the FAA and working to prepare a town meeting at the library on Sept. 18.

David and Helle Pearson