Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats welcomed new dogs and kittens.
Sadie: Since we don’t have an office cat right now, I’ll do the honors.
Mr. Gray: Okay, I guess. What’s new?
Sadie: Two of the three dogs who came to ARF last week — Morgan, the Yorkie, and Bruno, the terrier — were adopted.
Mr. Gray: Any cats?
Sadie: No, but kittens Jupiter and Neptune still need homes along with the rest of us.
Zeus: So, there is still one ARF dog?
Sadie: Yes, ARF still has Baloo, but there are three people who have put their names on the list to adopt him. He may be adopted this week.
Zeus: I heard that ARF is getting a litter of puppies and a litter of kittens!
Sadie: Got that right! ARF has just taken a small terrier mix, who is very pregnant. The puppies will be ready to go to forever homes eight weeks after they are born.
Zeus: What about the kittens?
Sadie: The kittens are four weeks old. There are six total: two male and four female. Fun names! They all have names of California cities that start with the letter “A.” The boys are Arvin and Anza, and the girls are Artesia, Auburn, Avalon, and Albany. ARF volunteers are hoping they’ll be adopted soon. They are very, very cute. It is rumored that their mom, Terra, will be the next office cat.
Mr. Gray: What? Another new cat gets the coveted job of office cat?
Bear: Yes, that’s because Terra is so outgoing. If one of us was very outgoing, we’d get the job. But, all of us are slow-going. In other words, we need time to get to know the human.
Mr. Gray: Well, that’s just the way we are.
Bear: I know, but it means that a human will need to be patient with us and give us time.
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