Mr. Gray

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats discussed the new kittens and the soon-to-be puppies.
Terra: Good news today! This last weekend, Neptune and Jupiter were adopted and one of the new kittens, Argus, also found his new forever home.
Mr. Gray: That is wonderful! I’m so happy for them.
Terra: I’ve also heard that the puppies are doing well, growing and beginning to move about.
Mr. Gray: Puppies and kittens … it feels like spring!
Sadie: You’re funny, Gray. It really feels like fall to me.
Zeus: I’m thinking any one of us might make a great addition to a family for the holidays.
Terra: You’ve got that right, Zeus. If humans take a moment to think about it, adopting one of us ARF cats, kittens or puppies would make the 2019 holidays super special.
Zeus: We truly are the gifts that keep on giving!
Terra: Lots of love forever and ever.
Zeus: And the other thing is, when a human adopts a dog or cat, he is really saving two lives.
Sadie: How is that?
Zeus: Well, the adopter of course saves the life of the dog or cat he takes home, and in doing so, he makes room for the rescue or shelter to save another life.
Mr. Gray: Talk about doing a good deed!
Bear: And you know, humans who feel kind of lonely during the holiday season would really benefit from a fulltime feline or canine. We give love to our humans even when they are grumpy, haven’t had a shower, or are not feeling well. Our love is unconditional!
Mr. Gray: I doubt there are many humans who can say they would always do the same.
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