Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats talked about ARF’s new puppies.
Terra: Break out the catnip! We are having an epic celebration.
Tillie: I’m always up for a party. But what is the celebration all about?
Terra: Okay everyone, you’d better sit down. Mr. Gray found a forever home!
Zeus: Oh my gosh! He has been at ARF for six years!
Sadie: It’s great news, but I feel kind of sad.
Zeus: It’s bittersweet, yes?
Bear: But that’s not the only news. Kittens, Arnold and Agatha, were adopted as were the puppies Oscar and Billie! Well, the puppies have to stay with their litter until Dec. 20, but you know what I mean.
Heavenly Whiskers: And ARF has a new canine member named Benny.
Benny (entering the cattery): Are you talking about me?
Tilly: Welcome Benny. You are the icing on a very busy weekend. Please tell us about yourself.
Benny: Glad to! I am a Yorkiepoo, and I’ll be nine years old on Jan. 1. I’m really good with cats and other dogs and I truly like children. I’m housetrained and doggy door trained. I love to be in a human’s lap.
Heavenly Whiskers: You sound like the perfect dog.
Anita: He’s the perfect dog. Angus and I are the perfect kittens!
Tilly: There are only two of you kittens left at ARF. Our three puppies are waiting to be spoken for. You guys would be so happy to find a family for the holidays.
Zeus: I believe there is hope for us adult cats now that we’ve seen Mr. Gray win a human’s heart. He was able to do that because the human was patient and came in both Saturday and Sunday to give him a chance. Before the man knew it, Gray was in his lap.
Zeus: We all deserve the same.
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