I have looked forward to the Town Crier for as long as I can remember and still look forward to it weekly, especially “Out Loud,” which I always find interesting. My wife and I are also part-time residents and if we are going to be gone for any length of time, we make arrangements to have our PO box emptied.

The letter by Ms. Villacorta mentioned the TC piling up. I’m afraid getting rid of the Town Crier from the PO box  would not solve the problem as I find other advertising papers take up as much space.

Being a businessman, I have often wondered how the TC survived financially. Personally, I would not mind if it went back to charging for the paper if the advertising revenue is not working out with the free paper. I feel things free are not appreciated as much as if one had to pay.

I would hate for the paper to go digital as I enjoy taking the paper out on the deck and reading it with a cup of tea. I would hate more if it closed or was absorbed by a larger publication.

Anyway, I wish Becky and Jack all the best and one has to look at what is best for them. None of us are getting any younger.

 Alex Virtue




I would gladly go back to paying 75¢ or $1 to keep the Town Crier afloat.

Jean Stein

Fern Valley