By Will Steichen, Idyllwild Community Center director

The oldest division of Co-Ed Youth Basketball were at Idyllwild School last Friday night. The Lakers (purple) and the Clippers (blue) played against each other while the Warriors (yellow) and the Bulls (red) played against each other on the court. Photos by Jenny Kirchner

Idyllwild youth were back on the court last week at Idyllwild School. Here’s the update on last week’s games.
Division 1: 5- to 9-year-olds
The week started with the Warriors facing the Rockets. Ethan Castro, of the Warriors, was able to score big right as the buzzer went off to secure the game. However, the Warriors faced great defense by the Rockets.
The evening progressed with the Clippers facing the undefeated Lakers. Marlin Peterson, of the Clippers, had a fantastic game, making multiple baskets, but the Clippers weren’t able to take the undefeated title away from the Lakers.
Division 2: 10- to 15-year-olds
Friday evening, March 6, brought intense games starting with the Warriors facing the Bulls. After a hard fight, the Bulls were able to secure their first win of the season with Mendocino Reynosa, Logan Wilkerson and Kaylee Gage as well as the rest of the team all having a big night!
The week came to a close with the Clippers challenging the number one Lakers. Indigo Dagnall, of the Clippers, had a stellar evening making basket after basket, but the Lakers were able to hold on to their top-ranked spot. Tyler Rocha and Griffin Kretsinger had stellar nights and helped lead the Lakers to a win.